Eugene Mayhew

Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Moody Theological Seminary–Michigan

B.R.E. Detroit Bible College
Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary
Th.D. Dallas Theological Seminary

Author of the forthcoming Evangelical Exegetical Commentary volume on 1 & 2 Chronicles, available on October 1, 2014.

About Eugene Mayhew

Eugene Mayhew is Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Moody Theological Seminary–Michigan where his scholarly interests focus on archaeology and Messianic studies. He has taught in Greece, Turkey, Israel, India, Romania, and Russia and served as a missionary with SEND International. He was president and professor at Alaska Bible College from 1983 to 1987 and helped establish the Yangon Theological Seminary in Myanmar. He participated in an excavation with Tel Aviv University and Jerusalem University College at Tel Qasile (1973); the final excavation at Qumran (2006); the Zion Gate excavation with the University of North Carolina (2009); and many times on the sifting project for the Temple Mount Antiquities Salvage Operation (2007 – present). He is a contributor to the Ryrie Study BibleLuis Palau Study Bible, and the Dictionary of Premillennial Theology and editor of theEncyclopedia of Messianic Candidates in Judaism, Samaritanism, and Islam.

About the EEC

Eugene Mayhew’s forthcoming volume on 1 & 2 Chronicles will appear in the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary, a groundbreaking commentary series on the entire Bible. The EEC incorporates the latest critical biblical scholarship, and it is written from a distinctly evangelical perspective. The publication of the EEC by Logos Bible Software marks the first time a major Bible commentary series has been published first in digital form. Learn more…

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